Heather Messiah 2

From the chapel at Grove City College to Graystone Church to the Jubilee conference to their CCO fellowship meeting at IUP, Heather and Ivan take great joy in sharing their experience and gifts with campus ministry groups, churches, chapels, retreats, and more.

Heather is known for her grasp of the meta-narrative of scripture (Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration). She also speaks often around ministering to people in grief or crisis as well as issues around sexuality and friendship.

Me at Graystone

Ivan can help you communicate your faith in a true, distinct, and inviting way. He also loves engaging ideas of God-given mission, call, and purpose. Heather and Ivan both enjoy entering into conversations about popular culture and faith expressing God’s sovereignty in all things.

To invite Heather and/or Ivan to bring their talents and passion to you email imoore@ccojubilee.org!

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