Bible Studies

Abraham: Intro to the Patriarchs

Week 1: Setting the Stage – Genesis 12

Week 2: A Whole Lotta Lot – Genesis 13, 14

Week 3: The Smoking Pot and the Egyptian Mistress – Genesis 15, 16

A Study of the Psalms

Praise Psalms

Cursing Psalms

Lament Psalms

David and a picture of the submitted life

David 1 – The Heart

David 2 – Inquire of the Lord

David 3 – Vengeance is Mine

David 4 – Check Yourself before You Wreck Yourself

A Study on the Miracles of Elisha and Jesus

Elisha 1

Elisha 2

Elisha 3

Elisha 4

Elisha 5

Elisha 6

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